Red Cross DSHR Deployment Mississippi Tornado










As I was sitting in Shoney’s mid-morning today, after Bless the Lord, sleeping in this morning, I heard the most upbeat song from the ’80s, “I Believe in Miracles”. It gave me pause to think, of all the miraculous events I’ve heard personally, from the people who experienced them. From those sucked up into a tornado surviving, those who watched family pulled up in the air who survived, a favorite horse landing in a tree, after the horse trailer it was in, was pulled into the sky, sustaining total destruction, and the horse landed in a tree. He was cut out & down from the tree, and trotted away. Now the other amazing thing was, in the tree, with the horse, were two pieces of the metal trailer, forming a giant 6 ft cross in the tree, which remains there to date. I kid you not; I went back to visit the owner who I had met previously, to see it for myself. Now, you may not believe in a higher power, or could be Hindi, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Baha’i, LDS, etc., however, regardless, most would agree, sometimes extraordinary things happen which can’t be fully explained. Truly though, the most poignant moments are the survivor stories; who often holding your hand while telling the story, have tears welling in their eyes, as I fight back tearing up myself. Little snippets of joy, or stories of divine providence, coincidence, synchronicity, whatever, during their terrifying moments in the storm. The visual moments while in the field yesterday, & their accompanying stories are amazing. I had the time of my life yesterday in the field, travelling with a young, volunteer, on a Mississippi DAT Team, in the client casework function, who is a Funeral Home Director & Limo Escort Service business owner. Absolutely delightful….. funny, funny, stories. He’s in the field with us all day, then drives back to his business until very late, returns to the hotel, & gets up @ 6 am. I have been fussing at him about better self care. Our other fellow client case worker is my age peer, a 30 year former marine, who was a POW, in the Hanoi Hilton, in the cell next to John McCain. He escaped & swam to a US ship, remarking that he was just tired of being tortured.  Subsequently, he travelled to China w/ Nixon, assisted in the arrest of Noriega. In Panama, with many other fascinating stories. These men perfectly represent the joy of meeting & befriending so many wonderful red crossers. I have DSHR friends all across this country, whose continued friendships I cherish. Yesterday we found the Yazoo City, large green city sign, behind a destroyed business, & I have a picture of them holding up the sign.   I return to the field tomorrow, & probably will be moving soon to floods in northern Mississippi.  ~susan~


About tydingsfrushour

Retired social worker, EMT, Red Cross disaster responder. Disaster response, animal rescue, gardening, family, & writing, round out my life. Enjoy country life in the Shenandoah Valley & Blue Ridge mountains.
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